How to Start


What do I need:

To start with OneTap Photobox following equipment is needed:

  • iPad or iPad Mini
  • A tripod
  • A holder or box

Where do I get what:

I know where to buy:

  • You should already hold in your hands
  • Studio Lightstand (Amazon)
iPad or iPad Mini

Amazon asadasdasdasd



Frequently Asked Questions

+ I am a professional event / wedding photographer - How can I benefit from the APP ? ?

As a professional event or wedding photographer you can expand your portfolio with this app and offer your customers an additional service witch takes you out from the crowd of competitors. Since you do not have to invest in expensive equipment this app is a return of investment from the very first day of use. After setting up the booth on site it is totaly self serviced, so you get time to keep your focus on your event photography business.

+ I got the App, what else do I need to start ?

To get started the the following equipment is recommended:

  • an iPad holder fits to your iPad model. A box to put your iPad into
  • a tripod on which you can put on the iPad or. a box in the appropriate format


  • Additional continuous light source (LED Panel, Floodlights…)
  • iPad power adapter or battery pack
  • PC / Laptop want with printer when printing on site immediately
+ Can I use my camera (DSLR) with OneTap PhotoBox ?

NO – OneTap Photobox uses the built-in cameras on your iPad. You can choose between front- and rear camera

+ Can I create my own collage style, my background images and overlays? ?
One of the greatest advantage of OneTap Photobox is the flexibility in terms of collage layout and design. You can import background images from your camera or camera roll or even from remote URLs. Transparent overlays (png) for example can be created with photoshop and imported with OneTap PhotoBox.
+ Can the images be printed immediately ?
The concept of OneTap PhotoBox is to transfer images emediately to another computer via FTP or HTTP right after the images are taken. From there you are able to print, share or email the images as you like. This concept keeps the iPad free for operating as a photobooth and means no waiting time or interaction for your customers at all.
+ How can I use the APP advertise myself, my brand or my product ?
You get tons of features to do that:

  • Define your own App background image
  • Embed your company logo on the images
  • Embed your company contat information and/or QR-code on the images
  • Free text for credits after the images taken
  • QR Code for web page as download link for the images

and much more.

+ What features can I test without buying the App ?
You can try every feature without any limitations as long as you want. A watermark will be displayed on the images which will be removed by purchasing the app in the app store.